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Brown Bread Dahi Vada recipe instant at home in English

Brown Bread Dahi Vada Recipe Instant At Home In English
Instant Brown Bread Dahi Vada at home in English

Brown Bread Dahi Vada is a Quick and easy made with brown bread. This recipe is delicious Indian appetizer or starter. This recipe requires only 15-20 minutes for a complete serve as we do not need any marinating, grinding & frying. Hence it is an instant version of Dahi Vada can be served so quickly.

As it does not require deep fry of Vada, it’s a low fat recipe due to non-use of oil. Just add some beaten cooled yogurt over fresh bread roundels and decorate with green tamarind chutney to make a delicious fat free and quick Bread Dahi Vadas in minutes. During summer, the value of Brown Bread Dahi Vada generates a distinctive space in Indian Cuisine.

History of Indian Cuisine

History of Indian Cuisine

Almost 5000 years ago, Indian Cuisine History started. By our diversity of regional ideals, civilizing principles and diverse groups of inhabitants added essence of their provincial tastes that led to a liveliness of food cultures i.e. Indian Cuisine.

An innumerable regional flavor formulates Indian Cuisine very unique among world. Due to different groups of people, their different nature, their soil type, climate, cultural heritages, professions and natural phenomena, the Indian cuisines differ each other into a specific one.

Accessibility of Natural ingredients like spices, vegetables, herbs, fruits creates Indian Cuisine an exclusive place in the list of world foods. Different groups of people with their customs and artistic & spiritual habits also inclined the Indian food system.

Main Ingredients of Brown Bread Dahi Vada: Brown bread pieces, Yogurt
Cuisine: Indian
Course: Snacks and Starters, kids friendly & Festive Recipe

Preparation Time : 11-15 minutes
Cook time : 0-5 minutes
Serve : 4
Stage Of Cooking : Easy & Quick
Flavor : Sweet & Sour

Ingredients for Instant Brown Bread Dahi Vada Recipe

  • Brown bread pieces- 08 nos.
  • Yogurt- 3/4 Cup
  • Black salt- 1/2 teaspoon (for sprinkling)
  • Red Chilli Powder- 1 teaspoon (for sprinkling 6370224922
  • Cumin powder-1 teaspoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Buttermilk- ½ cup, as required
  • Granulated sugar-1/4 cup
  • Green chutney-as required
  • Sweet Tamarind chutney-as required
  • Fresh pomegranate pearls- as required

How to prepare Instant Brown Bread Dahi Vada

How to prepare Instant Brown Bread Dahi Vada

Step 1
Cut out the edges of bread pieces, split them into very little pieces and keep in a bowl. Insert black salt, chilli powder, cumin powder, salt, ½ cup buttermilk and mix well.
Step 2
Then make the ready mixture into a shape rounded balls by equal dividing and make it lightly flatten. The rounded flatten balls are Vadas.
Step 3
Pour some buttermilk in individual serving tray and insert the prepared Vadas.
Step 4
Mix yogurt and sugar in another bowl and mix well till sugar melts. Then pour some yogurt mixture on top of Vadas.
Step 5
For garnishing, put some green chutney and sweet tamarind chutney on top of it. Sprinkle some chilli powder and black salt on top and also put some pomegranate pearls.
Step 6
Now your instant Brown Bread Dahi Vada is ready. Serve immediately.

Notes while making instant Brown Bread Dahi Vada recipe

Notes while making instant Brown Bread Dahi Vada recipe
  1. To make bread proper soaking in curd, make the curd not to very thin or very thick and add water according to the quality and thickness of the curd for improving pouring consistency.
  2. Making of Sweet Tamarind chutney/imli chutney is detailed above. If you don’t have green chutney or sweet chutney even then you can prepare only the brown bread Dahi Vada without chutney. Really it tastes great with chutney or without chutney also.
  3. As it’s an instant recipe and immediate serving, make as and when required as it became very soft if kept for some time.

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